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lack of focus

Setting up libGDX on Ubuntu 13.04

I recently received an Ouya and want to try coding a game for it. While the favorite child for Ouya developments seems to be Unity3D, the Unity IDE cannot be run on Linux. While there are a huge set of frameworks and game engines for developing on Android, I didn’t want to have to do game testing entirely via an Android Virtual Device or by loading onto a phone. Fortunately, libGDX provides a cross platform framework that should let me do most of the testing in on my PC.

Installing MPLAB X and PICkit2 on Ubuntu

In order to create the UAV flight control system from scratch, we’re going to need a microcontroller and a tool chain that is Linux compatible. Since we know we’re going to be dealing with servo control signals, input capture (good for reading pulse widths), and PWM modules are going to be important in our device selection. Microchip has a huge variety of microcontrollers available, and I have my eye on their dsPIC33 series because of the DSP hardware and variety of peripherals. Also, I have some experience using them in previous hobby projects, as well as my Senior Design. Best of all, I still have a PICkit2 emulator and PIC16F887 development board stashed away.

Building a UAV

Or, how I started another project I was unlikely to finish.

It seems like everybody else has a UAV, and I don’t. So, let’s try to build one. I’m a poor writer, but if I force myself to document things in this blog, there’s a small chance I’ll keep myself from forgetting why I made decisions and going in circles.

Installing RoboCup Soccer Simulator on Ubuntu

Note: this tutorial is pretty old and should not be trusted.

While it may have been obvious to some, installing the RoboCup Soccer Simulator (RCSS) got caught up on a number of snags. In order to make everyone else’s life easier, this tutorial steps through the installation process for RCSS with some notes and commentary I picked up along the way. While the development server was an Xubuntu virtual machine, this document should be largely applicable to typical Ubuntu installations.

Dodge-Card Soccer

Force a player to the last of his zones by striking him with a card (or other object) while the bottle-cap is in one of his own zones. Or:

Well, we ate all the pizza. What are we going to do with the box, 2 liter bottle cap, and chem lab goggles?