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Tag: #games

Setting up libGDX on Ubuntu 13.04

I recently received an Ouya and want to try coding a game for it. While the favorite child for Ouya developments seems to be Unity3D, the Unity IDE cannot be run on Linux. While there are a huge set of frameworks and game engines for developing on Android, I didn’t want to have to do game testing entirely via an Android Virtual Device or by loading onto a phone. Fortunately, libGDX provides a cross platform framework that should let me do most of the testing in on my PC.

Dodge-Card Soccer

Force a player to the last of his zones by striking him with a card (or other object) while the bottle-cap is in one of his own zones. Or:

Well, we ate all the pizza. What are we going to do with the box, 2 liter bottle cap, and chem lab goggles?


Magic cards are expensive and dumb.