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Tag: #linux

Simple Stepper Motor Control with Raspberry Pi

Stepper motors are a type of brushless DC motor that can be controlled so that they advance a fixed step size. Additionally, they provide a strong holding torque. This can make them useful in applications where you want to rotate the motor precisely without employing encoders. When prototyping, I like to use development boards that can be transferred to a custom PCB easily. This gives me a clear path if I want to move the design from the Protoboard to something more polished.

Animated Bugs with Blender and Tricaster

The local public access station produces a weekly news/entertainment program called The Local Live. The format features a live interview segment where community calls, emails, and tweets are taken on the air. To keep the contact information onscreen throughout the entire segment, I wanted to animate the contact info into a graphics bug. The station uses a Newtek Toaster Tricaster 860. By dedicating a video playback DDR to a DSK channel, we can overlay videos with alpha.

Setting up libGDX on Ubuntu 13.04

I recently received an Ouya and want to try coding a game for it. While the favorite child for Ouya developments seems to be Unity3D, the Unity IDE cannot be run on Linux. While there are a huge set of frameworks and game engines for developing on Android, I didn’t want to have to do game testing entirely via an Android Virtual Device or by loading onto a phone. Fortunately, libGDX provides a cross platform framework that should let me do most of the testing in on my PC.

Installing RoboCup Soccer Simulator on Ubuntu

Note: this tutorial is pretty old and should not be trusted.

While it may have been obvious to some, installing the RoboCup Soccer Simulator (RCSS) got caught up on a number of snags. In order to make everyone else’s life easier, this tutorial steps through the installation process for RCSS with some notes and commentary I picked up along the way. While the development server was an Xubuntu virtual machine, this document should be largely applicable to typical Ubuntu installations.